3 simple things that could save you thousands

3 simple things that could save you thousands

Neglect, or choosing the path of least resistance can often be the reason for losses that over time can add up to substantial amounts. Here are a few things that could reduce your outgoings, cost or tax bills that are relatively easy to sort out.

1. Review any mortgages you have

Getting the best rate available on your mortgage is something we would all set out to do, but mortgages usually last for a very long time and things change over that time. Our circumstances will hopefully improve over time and interest rates are often changing. If you have had a mortgage on a property for a while, it could well be worth revisiting it. As an example, our mortgage team recently reviewed a mortgage for a client and managed to get a significantly better rate. Their repayment came down by almost £400 per month, saving them £24,000 over 5 years.

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2. Ring-fence assets with a discretionary trust

Although this isn’t going to be money you save that you get to enjoy, it could well be the most significant saving you make. Inheritance tax planning is often neglected, or people put it off as long as possible, perhaps because we don’t like to be reminded of our own mortality, but the savings that can be ….

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Originally published at https://hoxtoncapital.com on July 15, 2021.



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