Different types of trusts and how to use them

Trusts are an effective planning tool that when used correctly can mitigate large tax bills as well as smoothing the process of passing wealth on by avoiding probate. However, when set up incorrectly these structures can lead to problems or simply fail to achieve the financial planning goals they were…

How do these popular expat destinations compare to each other?

It is often hard to escape the feeling that the grass is greener somewhere else, especially over the last year or so where we have all had very different existences compared to our typical life wherever we are and compared to people we know in other places who may have…

3 simple things that could save you thousands

Neglect, or choosing the path of least resistance can often be the reason for losses that over time can add up to substantial amounts. Here are a few things that could reduce your outgoings, cost or tax bills that are relatively easy to sort out.

1. Review any mortgages you have

Getting the best rate available…

Insurance: The most critical part of any financial plan

There are 3 types of insurance that everyone needs. Life insurance, permanent disability, and critical illness cover. These are not should haves, they are must haves and without them no one’s financial planning is complete. These things only get more important as an individual takes on more responsibility through their…

Will the high level of government spending during COVID lead to a raid on pension pots?

Plans laid out by the treasury to fill the hole left in public finances from their spending over the pandemic, include a number of changes that could lead to higher earners being substantially worse off in their retirements.

The three key reforms that are being considered are as follows:

Limiting tax relief on pension contributions to a flat rate of 30%.


Divorce and pension sharing as an expat

The subject of divorce has once again been brought to the forefront of many people’s minds by the news of Bill and Melinda Gates going their separate ways. The Gates were married for 27 years before calling it off and this is by no means an uncommon situation. The culminative…

Could citizenship by investment programs become the easiest way for Brits to secure their retirement abroad?

At the end of April we announced the launch of our citizenship by investment service. For anyone looking for more information regarding this, our website is now updated with further information regarding the options we are offering and detailed downloadable guides for each location. This can be found here: https://hoxtoncapital.com/citizenship-by-investment-with-hoxton-capital/

Why is this interesting?

During the past few weeks there has been a market sell off which has been relatively unimpactful for well diversified model portfolios. There are signs that inflation may be picking up faster than expected which have heightened investor tension. …

The Crypto Drop: Two Opposing Perspectives

Last week crypto saw a large sell off triggered by the news that Tesla would stop accepting Bitcoin as a payment method due to its negative impact on the environment, and China discussing stricter measures against crypto currencies. Some cryptos dropped in value by almost 80%.

The Enthusiast’s Perspective — Paul

‘Bitcoin has been on…

5 ways using a private limited UK company to hold property can benefit you

Purchasing property through a private limited company is becoming increasingly popular for those buying property in the UK, and for good reason. There are many advantages to doing this and the process is becoming increasingly simpler. As the demand for this kind of structuring increases, companies are popping up that…

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